October 30, 2020

Halal food in Perth

Halal food

Halal food considers as one of the most important dietary factors for Muslims. Foods can make connections between different countries and religions. So it is important to get a better understanding of the term ‘Halal’ in halal food because it is important to Muslims all around the world. Muslims want to make sure their food is entirely halal.

What is Halal food?

The word “Halal” is a term in Islam which determines what is religiously permissible to eat or do according to Islamic law principles. For example, according to Religious Practices, just if food is halal Muslims are allowed to eat it. The term “Haraam” is the opposite of halal. 

The word Halal has an Arabic origin. In the Arabic language, it means lawful or allowed. In the world of foods, it refers to dietary standards prescribed in Islam laws. To make halal meat an animal or poultry has to be slaughtered in a ritual way known as Islamic Zibah. The Quran gives specific instructions for that.

For instance, animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughtering. Animals’ heads have to be severed by a sharp knife with a single swipe because Animals incur less pain in this way.

All the flowing blood must run out of the dead body of an animal. Moreover, the meat of animals that have been killed by strangling is not Halal. In Shisha Nights We provide Halal food in Perth, Australia.

Halal food in Perth

If you want Halal food in Perth, we can offer you a wide selection. We make halal dishes here and do offer them in Shisha Nights restaurant. Our Halal foods are entirely free from any component that Muslims prohibit from consuming.

All the ingredients used in cooking are in accordance with Islamic Religious Practices.  

What ingredients forbidden in halal foods?

Using these ingredients is forbidden, and we consider it in cooking Halal food in Perth. 

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Non-Halal Animal Fat
  • Gelatin from non-Halal source 
  • Non-Halal Animal Shortening
  • Pork, Bacon/Ham, and anything from pigs
  • reptiles, amphibians, insects
  • Animal products or by-products made from any non-certified animal

You can order online or come and join us and enjoy eating Halal food in Perth in a warm environment. View the shish Nights’ full menu. We provide a wide selection of halal Persian food and fast foods. Paying attention to customer interests, being polite, using quality materials, daily purchasing, warm environment with live music, is the reason for our difference. 



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