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Persian food

Persian food Perth

Persian food is so delicious and is one of the world’s finest. These foods are well known for their fragrant smell, fresh and tasty ingredients and unique taste. They also have high nutritional value.
So by eating them, in addition to enjoying eating, you have responded to your body’s needs.
Iranian foods divide into different types including Dizi, Chellow, khoresht or Stew, Ash and Kebab.

Persian food in Perth

Cooking isn’t only mixing ingredients or even making new taste. It’s also about the smells!
When we’re hungry, our brain boosts the sense of smell. So the hungrier you are, and the stronger sense of smell you have, the more you will enjoy our Persian food in Perth.
We serve delicious food with quality rice. It has a unique taste. Come and enjoy Iranian food in Perth, Australia.

Persian food main ingredients

The foundation of most Iranian food is rice, meat, saffron, Vegetable and grains, Lamb, Meat, Onions, Turmeric, Dill, Parsley, Mint, and Lentils.
If you come to our restaurant, you welcome by a wide range of delicious Iranian food such as Koobieh, barg, baghali polo, shishlik, khoresht gheimeh, ghormeh sabzi and others Persian foods.
Persian delicious foods are reminiscent of lovely memories. Shish Nights understands it well. With the help of the most skilled chefs, we prepare delicious foods for you.
Let’s eat Persian food in Perth! Nusheh jan!