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fresh head shisha

Shishas have been smoked for centuries in Persia and India. Nowadays, it runs all around the world. 
 It contains water pipes that are used to smoke tobacco in different flavours and have different sizes, shapes, and flexible hoses.

What is a fresh head shisha?

Fresh Head shisha create by cutting a piece of fresh fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl. The fruit bowl is filled with excellent quality tobacco and used in place of casual ceramic bowls.

Although it is so tricky to make a good fresh head, we spend more preparation time for your enjoyment. 

Price of Hookah services

We are proud of serving the best quality services. You can see the price of our hookahs and available flavours on our menu.

Shisha service in Perth

We score the best Shisha service in Perth. If you are looking for rest and making yourself relax here is the right place for you. Come here to relax and hang with your friends.

In addition to our quality Shisha service in Perth, this restaurant also has an attractive café and restaurant menu. We satisfy even the strictest customers.

What services do we have?

We are the best Shisha service in Perth by far. Try our hookah even if you are not used to smoking it. We provide top-notch service with the best tobacco, and this is what makes us different. 

We consider the hygiene tips and give a plastic mouthpiece to everyone. Just place the mouthpiece on top of the hose and enjoy the great sounds of bubbles.

**Note that Smoking & Tobacco Use is terrible for your health. It leads to disease and harms in the body. Only people over the age of 18 are allowed to smoke here.