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Barg is one of the most delicious Kebabs, also known as Chelo Kebab. If you have been to a Persian restaurant, you have probably eaten this delicious food.

 This traditional food consists of fresh lamb fillet marinated in saffron and grated onion and cooked over hot charcoal. We set marinated meat aside for 8-12 hours in the fridge to make a juicy and delicious barbecue for you.

 There are two main points in preparing this kebab, first is the quality of its ingredients. Second is preparing the marinade mixture and the sauce that you put on the meat over the charcoal.

So, if you do these two things carefully, the taste of the Barg will be the same as the traditional type.

Barg kebab has an excellent smell

Persian foods are well known for their pleasant smell and taste. They have a high nutritional value. By eating them, in addition to enjoying eating, you have responded to your body’s needs. 

Cooking isn’t only about getting rid of hunger or mixing ingredients or even the pleasure of the table. It’s also about the smells!

When we’re hungry, our brain boosts the sense of smell. It is for improving our chances of finding food! So the hungrier you are, and the stronger sense of smell you have, the more you will enjoy our food because our foods smell good.

Order Barg kebab

Shisha Nights serves Barg with grilled tomato. You can order it with saffron rice, bread or fries. By adding a knob of butter and sprinkling of sumac, this food will get irresistible.

An awesome mixture of saffron rice, butter, sumac, grilled tomato, and a piece of kebab is just the art of Persian cooking.

If you are a big fan of juicy kebabs, try the Shisha Nights and enjoy its unique taste.

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