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Baghali Polo is a rice dish made with saffron, fava beans, and green dill. This delicious food mostly serves with tender chunks of lamb. It is one of the main foods in Iranian cuisine and is usually prepared and served at celebrations and parties.

Despite the simple ingredients of Baghali Polo, its unique aroma has made it one of the most popular house dishes. The cheerful and beautiful colours of fava beans along with saffron and dill give special attraction to the dining table.

There are different methods for cooking rice in Persian kitchens. They cook it with water, oil, butter, and saffron. The name of this tasty rice is Chelo. It serves with different kinds of kebabs.

Also, rice made with other ingredients like herbs, nuts, noodles, and beans, it will be called polo.

A unique taste of Baghali Polo 

You will remember the unique taste of Baghali Polo in Shish Nights for a long time, and you would like to try it many times undoubtedly.

Quality food, a pleasant atmosphere, and live music are the main features of this restaurant. We satisfy even the strictest customers.

Paying attention to customer interests, being polite and respectful, using quality materials, and serving food in a unique environment with live music, is the reason for our difference.

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