Hamburger/chicken burger: Lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce. Extra cheese: $1.00/ Egg: $1.50


Product Description

Burgers are crowd-pleasing foods all around the world. No matter which country and which city you go to, in any city around the world you can find it twenty-four hours a day.
Why are they so good?
Undoubtedly one of the most frequently cooked items in our kitchen is burgers. We use the best and freshest beef we can. So our burgers are juicy and tasty. Grab the burger by placing your fingers under it and your thumbs on the top, and then treat yourself to a delicious sandwich.

The Secret of Juicy Burgers

The secret of juicy burgers lies in a combo of two important factors: proper temperature and beef quality.
Of course, timing is important too. The result will not be good if the cooking time not set properly. Excessive cooking time hardens the burger, and if the time is short, it remains raw and is not hygienic.
We pay attention to the entire duration of the cooking time. We know how much time to spend cooking by experience.
Try it! What can be better than a tasty burger with melted cheese on top?
You can order your delicious burger right now and have it delivered to your work or home quickly.

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