Product Description

Fresh Head – Apple is made by cutting a piece of apple into the shape of a hookah bowl. We fill the fruit bowl with the best quality tobacco and stick it on a hookah pipe in place of casual ceramic bowls.

Shishas are water pipes that use to smoke tobacco in different flavours. Shishas have different size, shape and style, and a flexible hose.

People have been smoking shisha for centuries in Persia and India. Nowadays, it runs all around the world.

Smoking shisha tobacco out of a piece of the fresh head is a fantastic experience.

Advantage of Fresh Head – Apple

  • Added natural apple flavour 
  • Attractive appearance 
  • Fun to smoke!

Apple’s flavour is popular tobacco. It has a great apple taste and smell and will fill the entire bar with a pleasant aroma.

Two main characteristics of this shisha are:

· A massive and thick smoke.

· Aromatic and great taste.

These are the choice of traditional shisha smokers and one of the most popular ones. Note that it’s not suitable for newcomers to shisha smoking. Just order it if you are used to heavy smoke and enjoy the delicious smoke.

We are proud of serving the best quality shishas. Come and experience the difference.

*Plastic mouthpiece to everyone.

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