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Gheimeh is famous all over Iran. And is one of the regular foods in the Iranian diet. They cook it in any occasion all year round.

Undoubtedly, all Iranians have eaten or cooked this food several times. There are different ways of cooking it in different parts; in other words, it has become a kind of local food in different parts of the country. Therefore, few people in Iran do not like it. 

We serve this delicious Persian dish with rice and fried potatoes. It has a unique taste.

Gheimeh origin

Gheimeh is very old. It dates back to the centuries. It is not precisely clear who and when cooked this delicious Khoresht for the first time! Khoresh or Khoresht is a generic Persian term for stew dishes in the Persian cuisine.

However, the origin of the name of this food comes from a word in the Azeri language. So we can attribute it to the Azeri-speaking regions of Iran.

The name of this delicious Khoresht indicates the way its meat chopped. So it refers to all foods that use diced meat in their cooking. Maybe that’s why the ancients used this name in naming most foods.

What are the ingredients?

Ingredients of this Persian food consist of stewed chunks of veal, yellow split peas, dried limes, saffron, onion and tomato, topped with potato sticks, served with saffron rice. So it is a nutritious meal.

The secret of Gheimeh popularity in Shisha Night restaurant is in the quality of materials, special cooking recipe and long cooking time. Most Iranian dishes need a relatively long time to cook well.

Patience plays a significant role in cooking Khoresht. If you cook it in a hurry and with high heat, it will not be delicious at all.

This restaurant prepares all food from the best and the freshest materials. All cooking and packaging are done in a completely hygienic environment and under strict supervision for preserving your health.


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