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Kebab Koobideh is one of the unique innovations of Persian cuisine. Persian kebab is an important member of the Iranian table in various ceremonies.

Koobideh is so popular that it has become the best-selling kebab among Iranians. You can rarely find someone who does not like it.

In addition to being delicious, eating kebabs is very beneficial. It has the B, C, and D vitamins and is rich in protein, iron, and phosphorus.

Secrets of a perfect Koobideh

The essential step in preparing Koobideh kebab is choosing the meat and preparing it. It is better to use a mixture of mutton and beef to have a professional and delicious kebab.

After selecting the desired meat, it is flavoured with onions and various spices by that meat and grilled with charcoal.

To prepare this famous kebab, place the skewers on the charcoal and rotate so that both sides cook well. A suitable spice for sprinkling over this kebab is sumac; it gives it a fantastic sour taste.

The art of making Kebabs!

Making a delicious Koobideh without detaching from the skewer and falling on the charcoal is hard work. It takes special skills. One of the criteria for qualification of Persian chefs is their skill in making this food. Because, if the proportions do not observe properly and the amount of beef, mutton, and onion are not suitable, the kebab will get hard and won’t taste good.

The rest time of the mixture is also an essential factor in the tenderness and juiciness. It is also very important how to place them on a skewer. It is interesting to know from our professional chef point of view; even Barbecuing it has its method and is different from other kebabs.

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