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Shishlik is one of the most delicious Persian kebabs that is served in most luxury parties and restaurants and has many fans.

Shishlik made from pieces of mutton that serve with saffron rice or bread.

Most Persian restaurants offer this food, but only some of them can provide the real taste. Thanks to our experienced chefs, Shisha Nights is one of the restaurants that has been able to host its guests with tasty Shishlik.

The word Shish in the Turkish language means kebab and refers to all types of grilled meats. Shish in kebab Shishlik means skewer and refers to all the kebabs that skewered. The main ingredient needed to make this kebab is lamb ribs.

We are proud of serving quality foods. Come and experience the difference. If you are looking for rest and making yourself relax here is the right place for you. Taste the delicious food, alcohol & non-alcoholic beverages and smoke our shishas with the best quality flavours!

You can also order our foods online with fast delivery.

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