A Persian classic made with Zereshk (barberries), Morgh (chicken) and Polo, which is the steamed and fluffy Persian rice.


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Zereshk polo is one of the most delicious Persian dishes. Zereshk polo such as Koobideh and Barg is served widely in important ceremonies.

It is a rice dish usually made with saffron and barberries alongside a chicken and tomato stew. Polo is the steamed and fluffy Persian rice. 

Zereshk Polo is a miracle in flavours world!

Barberries which are called Zereshk in Persian are the bright red fruit. They have medicinal usage for more than 2,500 years. Also, have a key role In the Persian kitchen.

Barberries are fried in a frying pan and poured over saffron rice and make a tasty combination. The sweet and sour flavour of Zereshk with rice is like a miracle in flavours world.

Moreover, its red colour set against the white and warm orange-yellow saffron rice and create a festival of colours. It is a feast for the taste buds and the eyes.


We have two secrets for making a great Zereshk polo. First is that we don’t buy old dried barberries and we use fresh chicken! Because our head chef has high standards for buying ingredients. Fresh barberries have a bright red colour and darken with age. We purchase fresh barberries because, besides their beautiful colour, they taste well.

The second secret of preparing this food is a combo in fried onions and saffron.

 Experience traditional Persian food in Shisha Night style. You can order traditional stew dishes, succulent kebabs, soups and fast foods.

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